Before you send me a message, please read through this list of the most popular questions I get asked.


Can I be your personal slave?

No.  I don’t take on slaves.

Can I meet up with you? Would you like some fun with me? etc..

No, thank you.  I do not meet up with anyone.

Do you offer an escort outcall service?

No, I am not a licensed escort. I do not offer incalls or outcalls.

Do you offer Skype Shows?

I no longer offer Skype Shows, they don’t fit into my working schedule. When I’m at home, I’m with my family.

Do you have a webcam address?

See question above. I no longer get on live webcam.

Can I be in your videos?

If you are a hot girl, Hell yes, message me.   If you are a guy. NO.   I only film with my partner.

Will you upload to You Tube Again?

No, I gave up, too many sad and sorry losers reporting me, there is no point.

Do you have Snapchat?

I no longer use Snapchat.    I just don’t have the time to keep up with it.

Are you still offering custom videos?

I have been on the fence about retiring for a while now.  Right now, I have stopped taking custom video requests.

One of my box lights broke in the last move and it finally made up my mind for me.

Can I send you gifts?

Yes!  I love a good drop of Red Wine and beautiful lingerie.   Send it to Bodyline in Yarraville. Attention it to “Riley”.  My working name.

What do you offer at Bodyline?

I offer nude massage, which includes bodyslides, and hand relief.    I do not offer full service or anything to do with fetish.  If you ask you will be refused.

When are you available at Bodyline?

It changes week to week.   As of the New Year (2018) I will only be at Bodyline every now and then, I have no set days.